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Introducing the 2018-19 Kukri Sports Core Range; featuring the most innovative, fashion forward technical sportswear the Lancashire based company has ever produced. From humble beginnings, Kukri Sports now pride themselves on being an international sportswear manufacturer supplying... Read more

In the coming weeks, ENAS will be launching its triennial benchmark. We have improved the 2015 survey based on your feedback and will be providing a preview of the questions in PDF so that you have an idea what to expect. To help members that have participated in 2015, we have included... Read more

With the 2018 Forum in Nijmegen fast approaching, Core H&F would like to share their exciting plans to help you enjoy your time with your ENAS colleagues. For this year’s forum, Core H&F have created a short survey of six questions to see how they might be able to assist you... Read more

In the final week before the start of the winter semester, Dr Andrea Altmann (Head of UniSports of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena) invited Mr. Henri ten Klooster (Wageningen University & Research; WUR) for a staff exchange in October under the Erasmus Agreement. Henri is Head... Read more

Last but not least, we have our final shortlisted institution: Tilburg University. Their project is called 'Tilburg University Vitality' focusing on creating a healthier and happier work force. HR and the sports center made a plan to mould a passive way of sports participation into... Read more