ENAS Award Finalist: University of Potsdam

The next finalist on the shortlist for the ENAS Award 2018 is the University of Potsdam.

Their project is called ‘cleanUP’ and the focus is on environmental protection while also ensuring that the outdoor sporting facilities of the city are as clean as possible.

Climate change and pollution brought the awareness for environmental protection back in to their minds.

As plastic waste is present everywhere, cleanUP encouraged the community to take responsibility. Through the university network, they invited as many people as possible to volunteer cleaning up the city outdoor sports locations.

80 volunteers walked through Potsdam or paddled upon the waters. They were able to collect almost 7.5 tons of waste throughout the initiative

The aim is to implement an annual cleanUP event and furthermore involve other institutions, like sports clubs, kindergartens, schools and authorities to come on board and spread the mission.

We will be showcasing our last finalist tomorrow, Tilburg University.

ENAS Award shortlist announced

The shortlist for this year’s ENAS Award has been announced (see below). The annual award celebrates innovative projects and effort made by ENAS members within their institution.

ENAS Award Shortlist

University College Dublin (Ireland) – ‘Student’s helping Students’

University of Potsdam (Germany) – CleanUp

Tilburg University (Netherlands) – ‘Tilburg University Vitality’

Each of the nominated universities will be given the opportunity to present their award at the ENAS Forum & Assembly in Nijmegen. All delegates will receive one vote, made through the Evenium application.

The award presentations will be taking place on Wednesday 14 November between 15:00 and 16:00 in Radboud University.

Congratulations to all of the shortlisted universities and we look forward to seeing the presentations.