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ENAS offers more than just an annual conference for exchanges between members of University Sport Services all around Europe. ENAS wants to increase communication and cooperation between members and to encourage the lifelong learning from each other.

In order to improve that exchange, the ENAS Executive Committee has decided to setup some changes in the existing ENAS Staff Exchange Programme, which will be called “ENAS Staff Visit Programme” from now on.

The programme now offers two different ways to realise the exchange, which are labelled as VISITS and HOST AN EVENT.

    This is a one way visit in which an ENAS member university sends 1 or 2 staff members from their own University Sport Service for a visit of the University Sport Service at another ENAS member university. The visit shall include 1-2 days (one or two overnight stays) to visit facilities and to get knowledge about administrative structures, financial base and staff competences.

    How it works:

    • ENAS financially support the visitor’s organization.
    • The support will be 200 € to the organization that sends the visitors.
    • Every year ENAS will support the first five visits per annum.
    • Visitors can fill an application at any time of the year. After receiving application the responsible members of the ENAS EC will inform the visitor about the current situation.

    Visitor’s responsibilities:

    • To fill out application form on the ENAS webpage, announcing the proposal for a time schedule that they want to visit the host and what particulars they are interested in.
    • To send tips to the host about what the visitor is interested in. This should be done early enough before the arrival that the host has time to prepare the visit.
    • To write short report/comments after visit to ENAS officer (Annelien Arnouts) to get the financial support from ENAS.

    Host responsibilities:

    • To be a host for the visitor / visitors for 1-2 days.
    • To help with contact details about accommodation close to the institution and if there is additional information that needs to be taken into account before arrival
    • To give information about transportation options (for example public transport to be used).
    • To arrange appropriate staff from their department to be available for questions /interviews to the colleagues from visiting university
    • To offer the possibility to visit facilities of the university sport service
    • • To offer complimentary lunch (in university canteen) if possible.

    In exceptional cases ENAS EC has the possibility to deviate from these rules as long as the intention of these rules will be honored.

    This is planned for groups with more than 2 participating staff members of an ENAS member University Sport Service. The hosting ENAS member university organises an event, which can be management training, training day, training event or some other form of teaching event for University Sport Service Staff.

    How it works:

    • ENAS financially supports the host who organises the event.
    • The hosts of the selected events get 200 € as a basic support, once the event will has been realised. In addition they will receive for every 10 participants 200 € until the maximum amount of 1000 €.
    • Applications for the next year should be done at the maximum one year before and at the latest by the end of the current year.
    • By the end of the January responsible members of the ENAS EC will select two of the events that will receive funding by ENAS. After that ENAS will inform which events have been selected.
    • It is still possible to send in an application for the next year. These applications will be judged in order of appearance and as long as there is remaining funding for this purpose. ENAS will inform regarding the financial situation to its members.

    Host’s responsibilities:

    • All interested members who want to organise and host an event need to fill an application form in which will need to be the estimation for the number of participants.
    • To set the minimum number of participants which is needed so that the event can be realised.
    • To prepare and organise all the necessary elements; accommodation, meals, transport, marketing and calculation, etc.
    • To write short report/comments after the event to ENAS Officer (Annelien Arnourts) to receive the financial support from ENAS.

    In exceptional cases ENAS EC has the possibility to deviate from these rules as long as the intention of these rules will be honored.

    Potential Topics for Events:

    • HR organisation and qualification
    • staff management and structure
    • finance funding and tax rates
    • sponsoring and fundraising
    • internal/external marketing
    • public relations and social media
    • on line registration systems, data security
    • cooperation with public/private stakeholders
    • event management, project management
    • special events, tournaments, championships
    • trend sports, new classes/courses
    • facilities presentation
    • individual or staff training
    • convention or conference
    • specific sport activity demonstration
    • dual career

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