Trento team visits Aachen, Wuppertal and Maastricht

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Between 8-12 May 2017, Elisabetta Nones and Francesco Scannicchio, both coming from the University of Trento, visited three ENAS colleagues: Aachen, Wuppertal and Maastricht. While they are working on a new sport for all policy, to be the first of its kind in Italy, they are looking for ideas and experience to build on. After joining ENAS in 2015, Elisabetta and Francesco first visited the ENAS Forum and Assembly in Malta in 2016. Soon after this they hosted the ENAS Executive Committee meeting in February 2017 and further developed the plans they made during the event in Malta to visit several ENAS colleagues. Their visited was supported by an Erasmus Plus Staff Training grant.

Elisabetta, reports on her experience:

“The first and most successful outcome for me as a new member of the ENAS community has been the establishment of relations and contacts with colleagues of other European universities. At the Forum and Assembly in ENAS where we met Peter Lynen (RWTH Sport Aachen), Katrin Bührmann and Anja Steinbacher (Wuppertal) I planned an Erasmus Plus Staff training to go and visit their facilities, and we also extended the trip to Maastricht University where we met Netty Bekkers-Vos and Birgitte Hendrickx . The trip took place on 8-12 May and it turned out to be extremely useful and rewarding. The meeting with the colleagues and the exchange of ideas provided new energy to me and my colleague Francesco Scannicchio. We are currently working on a “sport-for-all” program which sees sport as the main cross-discipline driver in education. We could experience in person what it is like to have sport permeate the daily life of the whole university community. We appreciated the special and warm hospitality that everyone had in our regards and we loved being part of the teams for a few days in all three university sport centres. We will bring home a lot of ideas and especially a nice friendship with wonderful colleagues. We hope we will be able to return the hospitality with a future event at the University of Trento. I highly suggest this kind of visits that thanks to their informal format are very successful in reinforcing the European sense of community and belonging.”

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