‘Coachingscentre Mental Health’ is changing its name to ‘Mental Sportcoaching’.

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‘Coachingscentre Mental Health’ is changing its name to ‘Mental Sportcoaching’. This was made public during the kick-off meeting, which was held in february at the (student)sportcentre Tilburg (UvT) and Eindhoven (TUE). According to initiator Nicole Ebben the name change was needed after one and a half year: “Mental Sportcoach better reflects the context of the University Sportcentres.”

Kelsey Nijssen (supervisor at location Eindhoven) thinks the new name is a great start. Early March all consultants were fully booked. “It is motivating to see how many people are sincerely interested in sport psychology. More people acknowledge the importance of the mental aspect in sports and try to put this in to practice.”

Nicole explains the past years evaluation is being discussed with the Radboud Sportcentre in Nijmegen. Nicole thinks the data looks positive. “I am really proud and it iss beautiful to see that students and graduates have developed so well. Due to this pilot in Nijmegen both Jitze Jouwsma and Kelsey Nijssen have been able to become supervisors in Tilburg and Nijmegen.”

Kelsey: “Besides a wonderful challenge this is the perfect opportunity to gain experience with people who practice sports and really want to change their lifestyle to influence their level of achievement. This gives a great deal of satisfaction.” Jitze adds: “Thanks to the expansion of this project I got the chance to gain experience as well together with a lot of enthusiastic students from Applied Psychology. I think it is a great compliment that I get to be responsible for the branch in Tilburg. “

Nicole also hopes Nijmegen becomes a fixed spot for the sportcentre and continues under the new name ‘Mental Sportcoaching’. Kelsey: “The coachingscentre is a win-win situation for both parties. All clients get top-notch personal coaching.” Jitze provides support for this view: “Graduates and students gain insights while employees, trainers and sportsmen get superb support for their mental process.” If you want more information, please send an email to: mentalesportbegeleiding@fontys.nl

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