Executive Committee




Who are our members?

ENAS is an umbrella organisation for professionals in Sport & Recreation departments in European Higher Education Institutions. Individual Higher Education Institutions that organise sports activities for their students, regardless of whether these sports are part of a training course or leisure activities, are envisaged.


Member benefits

There are a number of key benefits of being an ENAS member of which some we believe are essential to the development of University Sport Services.

  • European networking
  • Promotion of your events and activities
  • Extra conference discount
  • Access to benchmarking and ideas bank
  • Access to supplier and sponsor contacts and special rates
  • Access to database and member connections
  • Project award, collaboration and endorsement
  • Subsidy for transboundary staff visits and member events
  • Regular news and sector updates


Become an ENAS member?!

In order to become an ENAS member, you can apply by completing the application form. Please ensure that you fill out all the fields correctly and to the best of your knowledge.





The membership fee is € 400,- per year per university.

You can pay your Membership fee by using the following details:

  • Name of the bank: ABN.AMRO
  • IBAN: NL02 ABNA 0454 4327 20
  • Address of the bank: Postbus 79, 6500 AB Nijmegen, Nederland



The name and the address on the invoice are the name and the address which are in the official ENAS database. Only on special request the Treasurer will use another name and address on the invoice. The e-mail address the invoice is sent to, is also the e-mail address that is in the official database. It is the duty of the ENAS member to provide the Secretary General with the correct data if this information did change during the year.

A member of ENAS has the obligation to pay the ENAS membership fee each year within 30 days of the date on the invoice which the ENAS treasurer sends by e-mail.

A member of ENAS that doesn’t pay the membership fee within 30 days of the date on the invoice will receive one reminder by e-mail.

If a member of ENAS fails to pay the membership fee after one reminder e-mail is sent from the ENAS Treasurer, this member will then be excluded by the ENAS Executive Committee not earlier than 2 months after the reminder e-mail has been sent.

A member or excluded member of ENAS that still has any outstanding debts with ENAS, is not allowed to attend the ENAS conference.

An excluded member of ENAS that still has debts with ENAS, can only re-join as a member of ENAS again after having paid the outstanding debts.

If a member of ENAS doesn’t send a formal notification by email to the secretary general of ENAS before the deadline of the 1st of January with the request to withdraw the membership for the upcoming year, the membership will be continued for another year with the obligation to pay the membership fee for that year.