Speakers | FORUM & ASSEMBLY 2017


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Vera Dekkers and Marije Deutekom – Session 1 ‘Sport Benefits’

Marije Deutekom is professor ‘Power of Sports’ at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Inholland University of Applied Sciences. The Power of Sports research program focusses on sports participation and adapted sports. The sports participation research line seeks to demonstrate the importance of participating in sports to people in the Netherlands and stimulate them to exercise (more).



Vera Dekkers is researcher at the professorship ‘Power of Sports’ at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She is engaged with research on sports participation. She is about to start PhD research on the relationship between student sports and academic results.



Presentation topic:
There is evidence of a positive effect of exercising at University sport centres academic results for the American context. However, little research has been undertaken on this relationship in a situation comparable to the Dutch university system. We analysed the effect of exercising at university sport centres of four Dutch universities on academic results of bachelor students. We linked the number of achieved credits with sport centre membership. Analysing these data shows that members of the university sport centres on average achieve significantly 1.3 credits more than non-members. These preliminary findings suggest that exercising at university sport centres has a positive impact on academic results of Dutch bachelor students.

Stew Fowlie – Session 1 ‘Sport Benefits’

Stew Fowlie is a passionate advocate of tertiary education’s many contributions to sport and physical activity. Stew has been employed in student sport since 2002 and took up his current post of chief executive officer when SSS was launched in June 2011.

Now retired from an exciting semi-professional football ‘career’, Stew remains a keen but occasional golfer. He has enjoyed 4 holes-in-one to date, proving that it is better to be lucky than good!

Presentation topic:

 Stew will first set the current context for student sport and physical activity in Scotland, drawing upon some headline statistics that capture the size and scope of tertiary education’s many activities – and describing the linkages to the work of partners at local, regional and national level.

The session will then provide an overview and analysis of the 2016 Scottish Active Students Survey (SASS) – the largest survey of its kind in the UK – which has generated some invaluable evidence of the links between physical activity, sport and various key aspects of student life.

The session will conclude with some thoughts about opportunities for future research and insight, highlight some of the positive challenges posed by some of the findings, and share some considerations about how the work of Scottish Student Sport is set to develop over the coming four years.

Delegates will be encouraged to ask questions, challenge thinking, explore potential collaborations, and consider the implications for their own work.

Arne Göring – Session 2 ‘Sport Connects’

Dr. Arne Göring was born in 1975. He graduated from Göttingen University in 2001 with degrees in biology, sports science, sociology and political science. In 2005, he completed his Ph.D. in sociology of sport. Since 2002 he has worked as a deputy director at the Sports Centre of the University of Göttingen. He was a member of the board of the German University Sports Federation from 2005 to 2013. His research and teachings focus on topics relating to sports and education in different academic contexts. His latest research project addresses the link between sporting activities and the academic success of university students.

Presentation topic:

Physical activity and sport are a well‐established element in the higher education system in most western populations. In these countries one of the main arguments for the provision of a university sports program is the educational potential of the sporting activities. Often the institutions of university sports centers legitimize their work with valuable educational potentials. The presentation will focus on the evidence of this statement. For this the current research on this topic is being evaluated regarding the potential effects of university sport, focussing on personal development, development of skills, academic success and graduate employability. In summary, the present empirical results show that sport is not representing a universal remedy, more it requires a pedagogical, value-based stage, focused on different goals that are all very individual and diverse. The presentation then discusses key challenges faced by university sport facilities in order to make a contribution to the system of higher education in the future.

Guri Hetland – session 2 ‘ Sport Connects’

Details to be confirmed.

Sara Liebscher – Session 3 ‘Sport Sells’

Details to be confirmed.

Michael Pedersen – Session 4 ‘Stakeholder Engagement Strategies’

Michael Pedersen is an internationally recognized expert in sport governance, transparency, ethics and integrity. As Founder of M INC. > change the game, he works independently to help sport develop standards of good governance as a winning strategy for building trust, growth and performance into the future. While doing so, Michael also supports projects that evolve around the mix of sport, children, values and positive societal change. Among other positions, he headed the global corporate governance initiative of the World Economic Forum with more than 175 multinational companies and their CEOs. Michael Pedersen holds three MSc degrees; an MSc in Global Leadership; an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice; and an MSc in International Relations. Michael is also a passionate athlete himself and strives to do sport twice a day. Albeit of Danish origin, his current base is Malaga, Spain (for a more comprehensive bio, see http://minc.ch/about-michael.html).

At the Forum & Assembly in Trondheim he will take us on a journey in the highly interactive session  ‘Engaging stakeholders’ to discover various stakeholder perspectives along the route to ‘Evidence the Impact of University Sport’ within your University. Through this session he will help us to learn from each other how to give sport a stronger place in the University.

Lorenz Ursprung – Session 3: ‘Sport Sells’

Lorenz Ursprung is director of the Academic Sports Association of Zurich. He holds Master Degrees in Physical Education, German and Philosophy and worked at the Swiss Federal Office of Sports as head of sport policy and sports promotion and member of the management board. He is also EUSA treasurer.

Presentation topic:

How can we sell university sports? And what exactly do we sell and who to? Our product has changed considerably over time, and so have the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.