ENAS contributes to ESSA-Sport Project

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On 28 June 2018, ENAS took part in the second meeting, out of a total of three meetings planned, of the European Advisory Board for the European Sector Skills Alliance for Sport (ESSA Sport), led by EOSE (European Observatoire for Sport and Employment), EASE (European Association of Sport Employers) and UNI-Europa (European Services Workers Union).

The ESSA Sport Consortium is funded by the EU to undertake a real analysis of labour market and skills needs/priorities for the whole sector, to identify realities and challenges of employment and employability in the sport sector and to provide an action plan for the future to address the skills and education gaps.

The specific aims of the project are to:

  • Undertake a desk research (to identify labour markets, sport systems, education and qualification systems,…)
  • To conduct an EU online employers survey on skills needs
  • To ensure wide consultation at National and EU level (bottom-up approach)
  • To define and understand the sector (realities, skills needs, tendencies,…)
  • To identify priorities for action at National and EU level
  • To establish a sustainable network of stakeholders and a work plan

Following the identification of the size and labour market of the sport sector led by EASE, referring to 2016 statistics and ISCO and NACE economic classification, the total employees with a sport specific occupation in (ISCO 342* NACE 931) and outside the sport sector (ISCO 342*NACE other) in Europe are 908.137 (I+II – see image below).

By including all the other employees in sport organisations (NACE 93.1), EOSE calculation of the total sport workforce in Europe is approx: 1.700.000 (I+II+III – see image below)

We look forward to investigating what percentage of the sport sector workforce is represented by ENAS. You can help us with that by filling out the ENAS Benchmark in 2019 and the Employer Survey for the ESSA project to be circulated at a later stage.

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Candidature form
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  • Year and favorite week(s) in November, for example: "2013, November 8-11 and 2014, November 2 - 6"
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Member Job

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    Documents that will be asked for from applicants and forwarded to the point of contact given above.


Student Golfers Wanted

Have you got a good golf programme in your University? Are you always looking to test them out in new and different arenas? We might have your next opportunity!

With the 2018 Ryder Cup taking place in Le Golf National in Guyancourt, France, your students are being offered the chance to take part in a Ryder Cup style competition against a local side.

The Youngers Cup, organised by the University of Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines, pits 24 French students against 24 international students over two days at Golf et Tennis Haras de Jardy and Golf Isabella in the Versailles region of Paris.

The first series (index/handicap up to 14) will take place in Golf Isabella between two teams of 12.

The second series (index/handicap between 14 and 20) will take place the day after in Golf et Tennis Haras de Jardy.

The event takes place on the 19 and 20 September 2018 and registration is open until July 31.

Full details on the event can be obtained by contacting Pierre Nieto on the following:

+33 6 71 63 35 65


Successful ENAS Experience in Tralee

In collaboration with Universal Fitness Innovation and Transformation (UFIT), ENAS recently held a two-day event focussed on educating people on the importance of inclusivity and how best to achieve it in your facility.

The event was held in Tralee, Ireland and there were eight universities across five countries represented.

Over the course of the two days, presentations were given to the delegates on a wide variety of topics including: sustainable development goals, UFIT and their goals, ‘universability’ and making your club reflect your community.

There was also an opportunity for the delegates to view a class taken by participants in Institute of Technology Tralee’s Adapted Physical Activity program.

Our delegates were able to watch the interaction between the trainers and their athletes as well as take part in some of the games that were created to allow people with specific impairments take part.

At the end of the ENAS Experience, delegates were also given the option of signing the Marseille Declaration.

The Marseille Declaration encourages all those within the fitness sector to commit to transform the industries practices to enable the full participation of people with disabilities in the fitness sector.

Overall, the delegates enjoyed their time in the southwest of Ireland with the food and local musicians a particular highlight.

Fan Engagement Conference Dublin

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On March 28, fan data and experience experts Sportego held their annual conference in Dublin under the theme of fan engagement.

ENAS were represented at the event which featured speakers ranging from media and marketing officials from top football and rugby clubs to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialists.

Some of the topics of conversation throughout the day were:

  • A look at what is coming in sport and engagement
  • Is OTT the future of sport viewing consumption?
  • Data, capturing insights and the importance of GDPR…for dummies
  • Social media for sportspeople
  • Staying relevant

Throughout the day, the speakers gave key pieces of advice and insights on how to both build your audience while keeping your current following engaged.

The current social media and technology explosion means that every hour is a working hour for businesses and organisations that hold a presence online.

A key way of doing this is to find an angle, tell it your way and if possible, appeal to the personalities of today’s society.

If you would like further information on the speakers or schedule from the day, contact communications@enas-sport.net.

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Forum Speaker Application

Application form
  • The Speaker Slot

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  • Presentation requirements

  • Attach documents, photos, posters or any other materials you want to provide as 1 zip, tar or archive file or send to margo@enas-sport.net before 3rd November 2015.

University Summer Challenge

As spring begins, let’s start to prepare for the summer!

Vilnius University’s Health and Sport Centre would like to share a unique opportunity with you to maintain and boost physical activity within your University’s community during this summer!

Join the University Summer Challenge! It’s a challenge that is accepted by hundreds of Lithuanian and European university students and employees.

The aim of the project is to increase physical activity within academic communities in universities by challenging them into associating their academic world with active lifestyle and physical activity with fun.

University Summer Challenge provides means for community members from different universities to register their physical activity (type, intensity and duration) on a website during the summer.

The registration window starts on 1 June and finishes on 31 August. The project focuses on the social snow-ball effect idea that results bring more results, in other words: competing with oneself, one’s teammates (students, professors, administration, etc.) and one’s rivals motivates and unites the competitors for the common goal of a healthy life-style!

More about the project and how to participate can be found here.

Vilnius University Health and Sport Centre invites you to take this challenge and become stronger together!

To indicate your interest in joining the challenge, email dominyka.rizgelyte@ssc.vu.lt before 6 April.

enas-active.net: Call for interested partners to develop a University/College bespoke physical activity application

ENAS is currently developing an online application for the members to facilitate Universities and Colleges in monitoring and reporting on physical activity interventions held in their institution aimed at the inactive University community. The overall goal of the application is to provide additional social engagement opportunities through social media and to allow continuous an accurate follow-up of participants’ activities as part of the programme by tracking minutes of physical activity. The delivery of the application is phased to allow as much intermediary and follow-up feedback from within the membership as possible.

As part of the phase 1 delivery, 15 ENAS members are currently using the application to facilitate the second round of the common intervention of the Active Campus Europe project financed by Erasmus+ Sport. They are using the application as a monitoring tool and will be bringing around 500 students onto the platform by the summer 2018. Feedback from this phase 1 will lead to further development of the application to meet the needs of our target group even better.

Meanwhile, we are already preparing for phase 2. Therefor we are launching an official call for additional interested ENAS members to join the application development team. This application could be(come) everything you are looking for. Reply to the call for partners before 31 March 2018.

Want to test what we have already developed?
Need additional information to be able to decide?
Just fill out the form below to let us know how you can help!