Staff visits: University of Vigo - Freie Universität Berlin

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University of Vigo staff members, Roman Lago and Javier Rial, took advantage of the celebration of University International Week; “Internationalization and Sports – New Perspectives for Universities”, 03-07 June, with colleagues from Freie Universitat Berlin. It was an ideal opportunity to present ENAS to several new Universities and meet colleagues from Turkey, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and many more.

The International Office and University Sport Service of Freie Universität Berlin hosted the 3rd International Week with the topic “Internationalization and Sports – New Perspectives for Universities“. The University welcomed about 40 ERASMUS administrative staff colleagues from the fields of International Relations and University Sports from all over Europe at the beautiful University Campus in Dahlem. Guided by the topic and several presentations, the participants discussed in workshops how to improve cooperation between International Offices, University Sports Units and other institutions in between the University system to create a better environment to integrate students from abroad on site.

Additionally, the participants had opportunities of guided tours through Botanic Gardens, the Spree River and other touristic views within the German Capital. They were also invited to try some water sports in the beautiful water sport base of the University Sport Service. The week ended with a walk within the beautiful Carnival of Cultures, which gives an idea of the wide intercultural scene in Berlin itself.

Here you can find more information and the presentations from that international week.

Feeling inspired? For more information on funded Staff Visits, click here.

ENAS Benchmark 2015

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Compare finances!

Deadline: CLOSED

Project closed, participants will receive the results!

In 2012, ENAS first held a benchmark to gather information about the sports centers of the member institutions of ENAS. Click here to see the 2012 Benchmark questionnaire.

Last year in September, we did it again! Marnix Hiemstra, who conducted the benchmark as a part of his graduation project, developed a new (shorter) set of questions and launched the 2015 survey to update the 2012 data.

An Executive Summary of the 2015 Benchmark results will be made available to all ENAS members. The full results are anonymously presented to each participating sports service. These results will give the universities strategic information, that can be used for the daily business of the sports services and in contacts with the university boards. A personalised factsheet was also provided to every participating institution to further visualise their positioning in the European Student Sport landscape.

The ENAS EC also gets strategic information from the survey, that it can use to strengthen the position of ENAS in favor of all its members. For this reason, we have developed a factsheet in collaboration with Marnix. See bottom of page.

Available to all ENAS members:
Download 2015 Benchmark Questionnaire here.
Download Executive Summary here.
Download the ENAS Factsheet here.

For participating members:
Request the full report and your personal factsheet by e-mail to
Download Explanation Personal Factsheet here.



ENAS Award

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Deadline: 14 September 2018

Application form

What is the ENAS Award and what can it do for you?

ENAS is all about networking and sharing ideas for better student sport. The purpose of the annual ENAS Award is to support the innovative development of projects by institutions which contribute to the development and recognition of Student Sport and can serve as inspiration to your colleagues abroad.

And, there’s the prize! The winning institution will take home €1,500 cash prize, €1,000 worth of kit from our proud sponsors Kukri and of course your name on the ENAS Award roll of honour.

Read a short testimonial below:

For Trinity College Dublin Head of Sport and Recreation Michelle Tanner, winning the ENAS Award in 2012 was the start of new adventures and contact within and outside of the University as she mentions in her testimonial below:

TO-Photo-with-Provost-and-cheque-dec12-3‘The ENAS award for the Trinity Olympians Project in 2012 has raised the profile of Trinity Sport internally and externally. The Award was celebrated by the Provost, Vice President for Global relations, Chief Operating Officer and other key decision makers in the University. It literally opened doors to discussions about the importance and impact of sport within the University which yielded commitments to sports facility developments. The prize fund supported development and training for the sports team and created a great sense of achievement and pride in our work. It was without doubt a game changer in the development of Trinity Sport and I hope a source of inspiration to other ENAS members because if Trinity Sport could do it, so can you!’ 

How to apply?

Just take a few minutes, read the terms and conditions, fill out the online application form by clicking the button below (approx. duration 15min) and keep your fingers crossed. That’s it.

The application deadline for the 2018 ENAS Award has been set at 14 September 2018. The award winners are then announced at the closing dinner of the Forum in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. 

APPLICATION FORMClick here to apply now.REGULATIONSClick here to read.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to all ENAS members.

Who selects the winner?

Since 2015, there has been a 2 step judging process (selection committee + member voting)

First, the ENAS EC will choose a selection committee among the board members which can be supported by one of the honorary members. This selection committee studies all applications and makes a shortlist of the three best projects on basis of the quality of the submission and the selection criteria as outlined in the regulations. The shortlisted projects are invited to present at the annual Forum & Assembly in November.

Secondly, after seeing the presentations, the ENAS Members and Forum delegates are requested to vote for their favourite project as is the selection committee. In case of a tie in the members vote, the selection committee vote will determine the winning project.


Contact Margo de Lange, ENAS Policy and Project Officer here:

Previous winners

2017 – Leicester Academy (University of Leicesterm, United Kingdom)
2016 – Active Break Time (University of Wuppertal, Germany)
2015 – Bottom’s Up! Sit Less, Feel Better (University of Turku, Finland)
2014 – Go Fit/One Big Thing (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
2013 – Exercise as Medicine (Radboud University, Netherlands)
2012 – Trinity Olympians (Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
2011 – City Keep on Playing Sport (City University London, United Kingdom)

ENAS Staff Visit Programme

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Visit your ENAS friends!

Application form


Mail us!

ENAS offers more than just an annual conference for exchanges between members of University Sport Services all around Europe. ENAS wants to stimualte members to make use of existing frameworks in Europe to increase communication and cooperation between members and to encourage the lifelong learning from each other through the Erasmus + programme. Do you want to visit one of your colleagues? Find out how to get European support below.


Erasmus+ supports training periods for staff working in higher education institutions.

With Erasmus+, you can train at a higher education institution in an Erasmus+ Programme or Partner country or at an organisation outside the sector in a Programme country.

Examples of such organisations include businesses, public bodies, social partners, research institutes and non-governmental organisations.


A training period between two Programme countries must last a minimum of 2 days and cannot last more than 2 months. This excludes travelling time.

A training period between a Programme country and a Partner country must last a minimum of 5 days and cannot last more than 2 months. This excludes travelling time.


To train abroad with Erasmus+, your higher education institution must either, in the cases of Programme countries, hold the Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education or, in the case of Partner countries, have signed an inter-institutional agreement with the receiving institution.

Your higher education institution and the organisation at which you will train must be part of an Erasmus+ National Mobility Consortium.

Before beginning your training, you, your higher education institution and the receiving institution sign a Mobility Agreement. This document sets out your learning goals, rights and responsibilities and also how your training will be formally recognised.

Financial support

EU grants provide a contribution to your costs for travel and subsistence during your time abroad and vary depending on:

  1. The receiving country
  2. In the case of mobility within Programme countries, the level of demand from staff from your country who intend to train abroad
  3. The distance between your country and the receiving country
  4. In the case of training periods between Programme countries, availability of other financial sources in your country or region

If your training period abroad is between Programme countries, your sending institution will be responsible for making all payments. If it is between Programme and Partner countries, your sending and receiving institutions decide which one will make your payments.

Grant levels for mobility between Programme and Partner countries are published in the Programme guide. Check the website of your National Agency and your sending higher education institution for applicable rates for training periods between within Programme countries. For more information on grant levels, check the Programme Guide.

How to apply

You apply for a grant via your higher education instiution. HEIs select candidates for training periods abroad from their staff.

The selection of staff should be fair, transparent and well documented.

Find out more

Contact the international or Erasmus+ office of your higher education institution to find out if these opportunities are available.

The National Agencies, for Programme countries, and National Offices, for Partner countries (where available),  can help with queries and applications, and you can contact the European Commission through EuropeDirect.

More information on staff training opportunities can be found on the IMOTION website.

A series of frequently asked questions for students and staff are also available.