U.Porto welcomes Hamburg in staff exchange

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From March 5 to 9, under the Erasmus + Staff Exchange programme, five members of the Sports Service of the University of Hamburg, Hochschulsport Hamburg, visited the Sports Centre of the University of Porto.

In October, the members of U.Porto Sports Centre (CDUP-Up) went to visit the University of Hamburg, now it was the turn of the German colleagues to visit the University of Porto.

Bruno Almeida, Director of CDUP-UP, commented: “This exchange of experience and staff, which is integrated in the internationalization strategy of our Sports Centre, is without doubt a learning that translates into an added value for both services.”

Over the week, University of Hamburg employees Jan Rosenthal, Karin Nentwing, Patrice Girow, Philipp Hatje and Marika Godemann learned a bit more about the operation of U.Porto Sports Centre.

The week began with a visit to the Rectory, where the pro-rector Fernando Remião and the CDUP-UP Director presented the sports services on offer. At lunch, the Director of International Relations Services, Bárbara Costa, welcomed the guests at the Círculo Universitário.

In the afternoon, the German colleagues began by visiting the sports facilities such as the University Stadium and then the sports complex of Boa Hora.

In the afternoon, they viewed the facilities at the other U.Porto campus, where the President of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Sport, José Oliveira, received and guided the guests through the faculty facilities. To finish the day, the members of the University of Hamburg were able to visit the Porto wine cellars.

In the two days that followed, the CDUP-UP prepared a visit to the Douro vineyard and, with the collaboration of the sports services of the University of Minho (U.Minho) and the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), a visit to the sports facilities of both the Universities and to the cities of Braga, Guimarães and Vila Real.

The director of the U.Minho sports department, Fernando Parente, guided the Hochschulsport Hamburg staff through the university’s facilities, preparing a little surprise by taking them to visit the City of Football.

In Vila Real, Elsa Justino, administrator of the Social Services of UTAD, and João Ribeiro, director of the sports department, greeted the CDUP-UP and Hamburg representatives and guided them through the facilities of Active Gym / UTAD.

The week ended with brief presentations about some CDUP-UP good practice programs.

U.Porto, through the CDUP-UP, UTAD and U.Minho are part of ENAS (European Network of Academic Sports Services), a network of more than 120 members, contributing to the internationalization of the institutions and their sports services.

First EC Meeting of 2018

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The first meeting of our new Executive Committee took place in Vilnius, Lithuania recently.

From the 22-24 January, Vilnius University (VU) hosted our representatives who attended from such countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Italy.

The EC hold various meetings throughout Europe and this was the first gathering of 2018. In the meeting, the strategy and objectives of ENAS for 2018-2021 were discussed along with organisational elements of the next forum in Nijmegen.

High on the agenda for the meeting: development of the 2018 action plan.

There was also an opportunity for the ENAS EC to speak with the Rector of the university, Arturas Žukauskas, to discuss with him the activities of ENAS and a possible partnership.

If you’d like a topic brought to the EC, please contact communications@enas-sport.net.

Erasmus+ Sport Info Day

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On Tuesday January 30th, the European Commission and Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency (EACEA) held an Info Day about Erasmus+ Sport Programme and its funding opportunities.

There was a lot of very interesting speakers and topics that are very relevant to ENAS, our members and our projects.

On an extremely positive note, there will be €46 million allocated for Erasmus + Sport Programmes in 2018.

This sizable budget will allow approval for roughly 84 collaborative partnerships and 110 small collaborative partnerships.

There was an almost 50 approval rate of projects in 2017 but it was highlighted during the Info Day that there are a number of common mistakes made during the application process.

Some of these mistakes were: not uploading the annexes required, using outdated templates and goals of the project not corresponding to budget.

A quick poll on the ConnexMe App at the event showed that 61% of people in attendance were at their first Info Day, which has been running for five years.

They outline some important aspects of their website that would be invaluable to applicants during the process.

They include:

For 2018, there are nine priority topics which are divided into four groups which will be allocated a percentage of the budget.

o   Good Governance – 20%

o   Social inclusion – 30%

o   Physical Activity – 25%

o   Dual Career – 25%

They have also introduced a mono-beneficiary agreement for small collaborative partnerships as a further simplification of the procedure while there are also new E-Forms for submissions.

The position of UK participants in the programme will be dependant on the final agreement between the EU and UK. Based on this, the UK will remain a programme country or become a partner country. The impact will be judged on a project by project basis.

For further information or to view the recordings from the day, visit here.

Message from CORE

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Dear ENAS Members

Happy New Year from myself, Peter and all at Core Health & Fitness!

Firstly, Id like to thank you all for making me feel so welcome at the 2017 Forum in Trondheim. It was great to be part of such a positive, inclusive and inspiring event. Well done also to all those who attended the workouts with Wayne Gordon the turnout, particularly for the first day, was amazing!

Looking to the future, I am excited to have now taken over from Peter Webb as the ENAS Account Manager and would like to make myself available to anyone who would like help and support with projects this year. 2018 promises to be an exciting time for Core Health & FItness and I am looking forward to continuing to develop strong partnerships with ENAS members.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention some of the work that Core Health & Fitness is currently undertaking internationally, such as our partnership with Georgia Tech University (U.S.A). Please visit the link below to find out how we are using technology to improve, not only the provision of sporting/fitness facilities, but also student wellbeing:


Finally, I would just like to once again express how excited I am to be involved with the ENAS family. With my beard still very much intact (no thanks to Peter), I am looking forward to making 2018 even better than 2017!

Many Thanks

Greg Ross

EMEA Account Manager

ProSafeSport+ Toolkit

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ProSafeSport+ have released a new training kit to help with the prevention of and reaction to situations of potential sexual violence against children and young people in sport.

The full toolkit, which can be found here, has an array of resources which are useful for organisations and institutions of all sizes.

The information is separated into headings such as: Facts and Figures, Legal and Regulations, Protecting Victims, Preventing Sexual Violence and Education and Raising Awareness.

This toolkit is something that all sports institutions and organisations should have implemented and we hope that it will encourage our members to ask themselves how their institution combats sexual violence in a sports setting?

ProSafeSport was initially set up in 2014/15 with the goal of promoting a safe and healthy environment for young athletes.

It was then succeeded by ProSafeSport+ in 2017 which turned the main focus to preventing sexual violence against children in sport.

Move More, Feel Better

Representatives from 16 Academic Sport Services from 7 European countries discussed the results of their first activity program round for sport-inactive students under the project lead of RWTH Aachen University.

From 12th to 14th December all project members of the health activity program ‘Active Campus Europe’ met at Imperial College London, one of the project members, in order to discuss and exchange their experiences of first program round.

“Move more, feel better” is an activity program to motivate students to get into the habit of physical activity. Individual monitoring, health screening and health tests, workshops and lectures, individual feed-back and low participant fees make it easy for students to participate and get enthusiastic about physical activity. A wide range of obligatory and voluntary physical activities, including social and local sports to match the cultural diversity in Europe were offered at the project member’s sports centres.

Autonomous University of Barcelona provides an app for participants to stay in touch with students and give them personal feed-back and advice. As a community, the  students are sharing their thoughts and they are getting the chance to motivate each other. The project partners were considering providing a common app for the second activity round which could be made available by ENAS and in future, also be used for all ENAS members.

“We are happy to see so many positive results and outcomes of the program”, said Peter Lynen, head of RWTH Aachen University sport department and project lead.

“With all the adaptations we agreed on now in London I am optimistic that we will make our program even more attractive for sport-inactive students!”

Next program round will start between the end of January and mid-April. A lot of good practice models will be provided in future for all Academic Sports Services in Europe.

More information @ www.activecampuseurope.eu

Erasmus + Sport Cluster Update

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By Mel Parker (ENAS President)

On 4th/5th December, I attended the Erasmus + Sport Cluster Meeting on “Encouraging participation in Sport & Physical Activity” in Brussels. The meeting was called to bring together various agencies, EU member states and lead members of projects that had received Erasmus + funding in previous rounds.

The objective of the cluster meeting was to bring together relevant stakeholders so that we could find out current findings from relevant research and the progress being made in some of the projects, and to share examples of good practice.

The event essentially comprised 2 half days enabling delegates to travel to Brussels in the morning, have late morning and afternoon session and then a full morning the following day. It was a mixture of workshop style sessions, and presentations, and was quite informative.

Quite a few representatives from Universities across Europe attended, but they were mainly from the Academic areas e.g. public health departments rather than sport services.

Peter Lynen, the project lead for the ACE project which involves 15 ENAS member institutions, was in attendance also.

One of the workshops was specifically aimed at the Education sector – schools and Universities promoting physical activities, and we were able to share some examples of best practice from the University sector, which were well received, and one of our examples (Be Active – Pledge, Middlesex University) was selected as a “favourite” and was chosen to be presented to all the other delegates.

Wuppertal honored as "University of the Year"

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The University of Wuppertal, winners of the ENAS Award in 2016, was recently announced as the University of the Year by the German National University Sport Federation (ADH).

Wuppertal were selected because of their enormous level of engagement in many different fields within the university sport sector.

They organized several sport competitions at National level as well as the most important educational conference in Germany for university sport. As well as this, Kathrin Bührmann and her team developed a modern, wide spread and always innovative sports program despite their lack of on-campus sports facilities.

“I am very proud that we were honored as a smaller university without our own large sports facilities for our inventiveness, our courage and our great commitment,” said Katrin Bührmann, director of Wuppertal University Sports and thanked both her team and the university management for their support.

Congratulations from all of the ENAS family!

Parente Named Sports Manager of the Year

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Congratulations are in order for Fernando Parente (University of Minho) who was named as Sports Manager of the Year 2017 at the recent National Congress of Sports Management XVIII organised by Portuguese Association of Sports Management (APOGESD).

The Director of the Sports and Cultural Department of the University of Minho received the award for the quality of his work in university sports in Portugal and also in terms of national sports development.

In 2016, the prize was awarded to Fernando Gomes, President of the Portuguese Football Federation and the Vice President of FIFA and UEFA. This year, APOGESD recognized Fernando’s career and his activity in the management and organization of sport for almost 30 years!

Fernando was present at our recent Forum in Trondheim and many of you will have had the opportunity to talk to him and share ideas.