Introducing Kukri's new range

Introducing the 2018-19 Kukri Sports Core Range; featuring the most innovative, fashion forward technical sportswear the Lancashire based company has ever produced.

From humble beginnings, Kukri Sports now pride themselves on being an international sportswear manufacturer supplying bespoke teamwear for over 100 sports. Their all-new range is tailored for athletes of all abilities, from elite to grass-roots level. Giving them an extra edge in their daily lives, on and off the field of play. Featuring base layers through to outerwear, the range offers a consistent athletic fit for everyday style and performance.

The 2018/19 Kukri Sports Core Range is split into three separate categories and services the needs of the male, female and youth athlete.

The CORE TRAINING range features compression fit base layers developed in a breathable wicking fabric with a four-way stretch, designed to help maintain body temperature and provide greater flexibility.

The CORE LEISURE range is suitable for both training and leisure and features hoodies, track-tops and tapered tracksuit bottoms with reflective piping and easy-care technology.

The CORE PERFORMANCE range offers advanced technical detailing such as a four-way stretch, breathable mesh panels and wicking fabrics, carefully engineered to enhance performance in training or on match day.

The Core Range is available now exclusively with Kukri Sports here.

Benchmark returns for ENAS

In the coming weeks, ENAS will be launching its triennial benchmark. We have improved the 2015 survey based on your feedback and will be providing a preview of the questions in PDF so that you have an idea what to expect.

To help members that have participated in 2015, we have included the answers to the questions that have remained the same. You are of course free to modify these responses.

An Executive Summary of the benchmark results will be presented to all ENAS members during the November 2019 conference in Torino. A full (anonymous) report will be distributed to each participating sports service.

The results will give the universities strategic information, that can be used for the daily business of the sports services and in contacts with the university boards.

The 2019 benchmark will be conducted in collaboration with two students from PG SPORT, a postgraduate course focusing on all aspects of sports at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium).

Nathalie Engels has been boxing for five years. She also plays badminton and practices cross fit. She has studied publishing and lay-out.

Jérémie Deroo is an active volleyballer, an amateur cyclist and an all-round sports enthusiast. He has studied communications and European affairs. Before deciding to pursue his passion for sport, he has worked for the Belgian federal government as a project leader for four years.

Let us help each other! We certainly appreciate the time you take to fill out the questionnaire. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Core H&F Newsletter

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With the 2018 Forum in Nijmegen fast approaching, Core H&F would like to share their exciting plans to help you enjoy your time with your ENAS colleagues.

For this year’s forum, Core H&F have created a short survey of six questions to see how they might be able to assist you with your upcoming facility developments in 2019 and beyond. For the chance to win 3 x MYZONE Watches, 3 x MYZONE Belts and a Schwinn/Stairmaster HIIT Education day for your staff, please fill out the survey by following the link on the Evenium app or by speaking with Greg at the forum.

The MYZONE ‘2018 ENAS Forum Challenge’ is now live until the 15th November, when we will announce the person who has earned the most MEP’s since 15th October. Make sure to bring your MYZONE belts with you to the forum to keep score of those MEP’s earned during the workouts with Wayne.

In Nijmegen, HIIT workouts with Wayne will feature even more equipment than last year. Ten pieces of Stairmaster HIIT equipment, combined with accessories such as kettlebells and agility ladders, will help make your workouts even more fun and effective. Class sizes have been limited to 20 participants per session this year, with class booking available on the Evenium app. Be sure to book yourself on to one of the three sessions (Wednesday 14th, 7-8am and Thursday 15th, 7-8am + 4:15-5:15pm) to secure your spot. If for some reason you are unable to attend a booked session, please make sure you remove your booking so that others can take the space. This year, Wayne will also be hosting a HIIT Bike calorie burn challenge during the networking breaks. Come and jump on a bike to see how quickly you can burn 25 calories!

If you have questions on any of the above, please speak to Greg at the forum or contact him on +44 7824858681 or

Looking forward to seeing you all in Nijmegen in a couple of weeks!

Wageningen and Jena staff exchange

In the final week before the start of the winter semester, Dr Andrea Altmann (Head of UniSports of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena) invited Mr. Henri ten Klooster (Wageningen University & Research; WUR) for a staff exchange in October under the Erasmus Agreement. Henri is Head of the University Sports Centre of WUR.

The aim of this staff exchange was to compare the strategic plans of the Friedrich Schiller University and WUR, to see in which way these can be used to obtain more awareness and/or more contribution to student sports.

In the meetings with staff members of all divisions of the UniSport department on Thursday October 11 and Friday October 12 the organisational structure of both institutes were compared and ways were looked for in which they could influence each other.

A topic that was raised on this occasion was the concept of an annual ‘Introduction to Sports’ day for all students, like in Wageningen. The goal would be to have all the first year students at in the sports centre at least once before the start of the academic year; an excellent opportunity to introduce teachers and trainers through clinics and a platform for the student sports associations.

Furthermore, there was a lively discussion about the pros and cons of the different systems of registration. At the WUR sports centre you have to register for all classes – every week – that are not related to student sport associations where you have a membership and team trainings. In Jena, subscription is for a single class for the whole semester in which your place is guaranteed.

The goal in Wageningen is to serve as many people as possible and to have a 100% full complement. In Jena, the choice is made for the one-time registration to make it easy for the students, but there certainly is a lower complement during the whole period.

What do you prefer?

Also interested in a staff exchange? Contact the exchange office of your university and find out what possibilities there are! Alternatively, contact us here at ENAS and we can advise on how to take part.

ENAS Award Finalist: Tilburg University

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Last but not least, we have our final shortlisted institution: Tilburg University.

Their project is called ‘Tilburg University Vitality’ focusing on creating a healthier and happier work force.

HR and the sports center made a plan to mould a passive way of sports participation into a vitality program, which is more than just sport, and promote this actively.

Funding was quickly arranged once it was viewed how successful the program could be when all the individual elements were grouped together.

After a successful pilot, the Executive Board have extended the funding for five years ensuring a positive future for ‘Tilburg University Vitality’.

They have presented to every department in the University, acquired ambassadors and also organised a ‘Health Week’ with a variety of activities and more.

So that completes our shortlist of ENAS Award finalists, don’t forget that all delegates at the ENAS Forum & Assembly will be invited to vote following presentations of each project.

ENAS Award Finalist: University of Potsdam

The next finalist on the shortlist for the ENAS Award 2018 is the University of Potsdam.

Their project is called ‘cleanUP’ and the focus is on environmental protection while also ensuring that the outdoor sporting facilities of the city are as clean as possible.

Climate change and pollution brought the awareness for environmental protection back in to their minds.

As plastic waste is present everywhere, cleanUP encouraged the community to take responsibility. Through the university network, they invited as many people as possible to volunteer cleaning up the city outdoor sports locations.

80 volunteers walked through Potsdam or paddled upon the waters. They were able to collect almost 7.5 tons of waste throughout the initiative

The aim is to implement an annual cleanUP event and furthermore involve other institutions, like sports clubs, kindergartens, schools and authorities to come on board and spread the mission.

We will be showcasing our last finalist tomorrow, Tilburg University.

ENAS Award Finalist: UCD

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If you missed it, the ENAS Award shortlist was announced last week.

We’re now happy to provide some background on each of the projects that have made the shortlist and will be presented at our Forum & Assembly in Nijmegen.

First up is University College Dublin and their project ‘Students helping Students’.

‘Students Helping Students’ at UCD Dublin integrates real-world learning and service provision for students by students in a university sport setting.

Partnership between the Physiotherapy unit and Sport Services gives students a structured Physiotherapy work placement in the Sport Centre, supervised by Physiotherapy staff.

They develop and deliver services in response to student needs, while gaining experiential learning. To date, initiatives include: supporting the Active Campus Europe programme; delivering classes; provision of sports massage, recovery and advice for athletes; first aid for UCD sport teams; engagement in health, exercise and wellness promotion for the university community.

You can find out ever more about UCD’s initiative at the Forum & Assembly when they present the project to our delegates, prior to the final vote.

Keep an eye out tomorrow and Thursday for our other two finalists.

ENAS Award shortlist announced

The shortlist for this year’s ENAS Award has been announced (see below). The annual award celebrates innovative projects and effort made by ENAS members within their institution.

ENAS Award Shortlist

University College Dublin (Ireland) – ‘Student’s helping Students’

University of Potsdam (Germany) – CleanUp

Tilburg University (Netherlands) – ‘Tilburg University Vitality’

Each of the nominated universities will be given the opportunity to present their award at the ENAS Forum & Assembly in Nijmegen. All delegates will receive one vote, made through the Evenium application.

The award presentations will be taking place on Wednesday 14 November between 15:00 and 16:00 in Radboud University.

Congratulations to all of the shortlisted universities and we look forward to seeing the presentations.

University Sports: Education and Science seeking papers

The fourth volume of “University Sports: Education and Science” addresses the problem of possible relations between sporting activity and academic success from an interdisciplinary point of view.

They are seeking papers to be added to the collection. Full information can be found below.

Download (PDF, 243KB)

63rd ENAS EC meeting takes place

Between 18 and 20 September 2018, the ENAS Executive Committee (EC) was invited to the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alta Douro for the 63rd EC meeting.

The ENAS EC met with Prof. António Fontainhas Fernandes, Rector of the University, and Dr. Elsa Justino, University Administrator for the Social Services Department, to underline the importance of continuous development of, and investment in, University sport as an essential part of campus life.

The Rector, from his side, highlighted the importance of an integrated approach to sport and physical activity in the University context linking with Academia and Research while developing an active campus life.

Topics on the agenda of the EC meeting included the preparations of the ENAS General Assembly in Nijmegen, the organisation of the Forum in Nijmegen and planning for new projects in 2019 including two ENAS Experiences and a transatlantic visit allowing ENAS members to explore University sport in the US.

Information on all new projects and initiatives is aimed to be made available directly after the Forum in Nijmegen. The EC is vary thankful to the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alta Douro for their hospitality as host of the EC meeting.

The EC also attended the 10th edition of the University of Porto Sports Gala organised in Porto. Various prizes were awarded to students and staff for their great achievements in sport in 2018. ENAS President, Mel Parker, handed out the prize for best coach.

Are you interested in hosting our next meeting? Find more info here or get in touch with Margo (