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10th Friendship Games, 27 May - 3 June 2015, Eilat (Israel)

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“The Friendship Games” were established as a basketball tournament in Israel with the participation of Israeli Jews and Arabs, and other countries of conflict in order to build friendship, and understanding between Students. The first friendship games were held in 2006 with 8 teams taking part. Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of this very important project. The tournament has proved itself to contribute to the co-existence between different religions, countries and people.
During the tournament the athletes will share many hours socializing and touring the places holy to the three main religions of the area. This have brought about and will continue to bring about a true feeing of friendship and brotherhood between the Athletes, no matter what their background or beliefs are.

The project accurately reflects the spirit of the athletes in the sport professionally and socially and that spirit can be used as a tool for developing and promoting peace in the world.
Every year we witness the magnetism of sports and the friendship games in particular, bringing together students of different Nations, cultural backgrounds who get to know each other on a personal level and build a strong foundation of friendship and comradery.

We believe that the values are passed on to every athlete from the moment they take their first steps in the world of sports, such as: fair play, being a team player, persistence, determination and more are important qualities which can be used as building blocks to help build relationships, common understandings and friendships.

Next year “The Friendship Games”, will be held in Eilat, Israel with the cooperation of ASA – Academic Sport Association Israel and Tel Aviv University Sports Club and under the patronage of the European University Sports Association (EUSA) and the International University Sports Federation (FISU) are inviting you to the 2014 edition of the Friendship Games.
The tournament will include the basketball competition – men’s and women’s teams, street basket 3 x 3 mixed team tournament, cultural and many other interesting events.

Under the slogan 7 Days to Experience, a Lifetime to Remember, the tournament holds its promise for a truly remarkable event as can be seen in the video from last years’ tournament

9th Eurokonstantia 2014 - The story continues

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[12. – 15. June] 9th Eurokonstantia 2014

In 2006, the Academic Sports Service of the University of Konstanz arranged for the first time an international sports tournament with basketball, soccer, handball and ultimate frisbee. The so called Eurokonstantia entered the international scene of student sports tournaments.

Now for the ninth time in succession the international sports tournament will take place. We are looking forward to welcome various German and international university teams. Beside the many competitions there will be a huge variety of cultural activities such as CityNight, RockNight and ClubbingNight …

The Eurokonstantia combines competition in sport and joint leisure time. With this concept the Eurokonstantia successful proves its aim to make new friendship across national, religious and cultural boarders and also the Eurokonstantia helps to overcome old-fashioned politicical prejudices.

How to register:
Now it’s time for you to start the registration process. To do so, just use our booking site. If you need assistance during this process you may contact us:
Write us on facebook
phone: mon-fri (9am-11:30am):
+49 7531 882590

We offer you various kind of accomondation options. The information you need you will find in the pdf-leaflet, on our website and for sure on facebook.

If you choose one of the hotel-options make sure: You have to book the hotel on your own and make the payment in advance because you will need the invoice for the appointment at the embassy. We will also assist you calling for a Schengen Visa, but the appointment with the German Embassy must be made by you at least six weeks before your journey starts.

We are getting ready for you:
We asked our crew to give us short statements what they are doing right now to make the 9th Eurokonstantia again an unforgetable event for you and your team.

Sports-Team: “More teams, more matches, more competition, more fun!” – Annika Schoe

Event-Team 1: “Right at the moment we are setting up all the details for the RockNight. Usual Suspects and Zim & Zucker will be playing live for you!” – Tanja Skorski

Event-Team 2: “We just ordered a pool to upgrade our leisure area for you” – Julia Grimberg

Event-Team 3: “Your favorite “Döner”-booth will be ready for you this year again” – Lisa Biedenbaender

PR-Team: “Our next step is to get our website updated for you.” – Marius Keller

ENAS FIBO 2014 Invitation

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Hello Friends,

As many of you may be aware FIBO, the largest Fitness Trade show in Europe is happening this April 3rd   – 6th  in Cologne, Germany.  Many of you asked if it was possible to have an ENAS presence during this event, and I’m happy to say that there will be.

Our fantastic sponsors; Star Trac, will be hosting an impressive stand and would love for you to be their guest at this great event.  Please see the invite above, and how you can arrange your free ticket for entry during any of the days of the Expo, and other details such as the Thursday evening reception.  As a reminder, just because you might not be there on the Thursday, the show runs until Sunday the 6th.

Eifion is the Star Trac appointed ENAS account manager who will do his best to ensure that you are provided with all the necessary assistance in gaining free access to the show and an opportunity to see Star Trac’s great product offering. Please make sure to contact him directly if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing you at FIBO, and would welcome the opportunity to speak with any of your colleagues who may be thinking of joining ENAS in the future.


Bill Thompson
EC member

International Week at Freie Universität Berlin in June 2014

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The main topic of the International Week will be “Internationalization and Sports in Higher Education“. In presentations, group discussions and/or workshops, participants will have the opportunity to think about the impact that cooperation between Sport Services and International Offices can give to the strategies of internationalization at institutes of higher education. The participants will be able to present their own strategies and best practices and discuss them with the audience. One keynote speaker will be Mrs. Prof. Dr. Doll-Tepper, who is not only teaching at Freie Universität Berlin, but also is the Vice-president for Education for the German Olympic Sport Federation (DOSB), the chair of the German Olympic Academy (DOA) and as also a consultant of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE). ENAS members are very welcome to participate in the event, along with a representative from their own International Offices.  For more information on registration, please click here.

ENAS Member in the picture

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Middlesex University has a long and proud history as a provider of high quality education in north London. The institution was granted University status in 1992, but through former constituent colleges has been delivering tertiary level education since the late 19th century. More recently Middlesex has expanded as a deliverer of international education and was the first British university to open, in 1995, a network of recruitment offices around the world. This move gave thousands of international students the opportunity to come to London to study at Middlesex. The University’s international status has been reinforced by the opening of international campuses around the world: Dubai (2005), Mauritius (2010) and Malta (2013).

Middlesex has around 40,000 students studying courses around the world, with around 23,000 based on campus in Hendon, North London. The university currently has 6 schools: Art & Design, Business, Health & Education, Law, Media and Performing Arts and Science and Technology, as well as a renowned Institute for Work-based learning, where we work with leading employers to deliver bespoke graduate and post graduate level courses in the workplace.

In the mid-1990’s Middlesex University established courses in Sport & Exercise science, and in 2004 formed the London Sport Institute, a recognised teaching and research establishment, specialising in sport sciences. The University has many famous alumni, and recent students have included Montell Douglass – multi Olympic athlete, still the current British record holder for 100m and winner of Commonwealth Gold as part of the 4 x 100m team in Delhi 2010. More recently student Lutalo Muhammad won a bronze medal in the London 2012 Olympic games in Taekwondo.

One of the things I like about working at Middlesex University is that it has a reputation for being innovative and pushing new boundaries. We are given the freedom and support to try new initiatives and to trailblaze new ideas. We try to be creative, to enhance the reputation of the sport service and the institution. This brings with it many new opportunities for different ways of working and undertaking new and exciting projects. There’s never a dull moment!

We joined ENAS to try something different. I knew that a few English institutions had joined up and extolled the benefits of membership. I was interested in the new opportunities that might become available for the students and for my staff and their development, through membership, and I’m very happy with the contacts I made at the conference and the initiatives we are delivering as a result of my attending. I thought the Limerick conference was wonderful. I met some great people, attended some excellent and inspiring keynotes and sessions, enjoyed the social interaction, and picked up some ideas which I’m taking forward. As an example, over 100 Middlesex University students will be participating in the University of Lille 1 sports tournament in April, which is something which wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gone to the conference.

The Friendship Games 2014 - Basketball

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The Friendship Games began as the brain child of Mr. Ed Peskowitz of Washington dc.
His dream was to hold a basketball tournament in Israel with the participation of Israeli Jews and Arabs, and other countries of conflict in order to build friendship, and understanding between Students.
Participating in this tournament would also be students from the Palestinian Authority and from Jordan. Other teams came from Cyprus, turkey, Germany, the former Yugoslavia and other countries of former conflict.
The first friendship games were held in 2006 with 8 teams taking part.
Over the 8 year period there have been 18 teams each year who not only played basketball, but shared many hours socializing and touring the places holy to the three main religions of the area. This brought about a true feeing of friendship and brotherhood between the Athletes, no matter what their background

Find out more on

Message from the President

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Dear all,

I am delighted to address you as your new President. I am humbled by the tremendous support and well wishes I have received from members, thank you. The Limerick Conference was a real high note for ENAS and the feedback we have received has been excellent. I hope the Conference made a difference to you, and you have learned something new or been inspired to do something different or new. A new initiative we can be proud of was leaving a legacy by raising over €1,200 for the Locals Sports Partnerships for children’s sport. Happy Days! Well done and thank you for your generosity and a special thanks to our local host and organiser Neasa Fahy O’Donnell.

The first few weeks of the Presidency have been very busy. On 20th November I was accompanied by Stephane (Vice President), Bertrand (General Secretary) and Annelien (ENAS Officer) to visit our friends in Lille to discuss aspects of the next conference. I am happy to report that the venue is very nice and the Lille organisers, Fabrice and Jean Marie are keen to impress and plans are already underway for another excellent Conference.

We also plan to support numerous events throughout the year promoting communications and exchanges, and develop key partnerships to provide opportunities for you to share experiences and good practices.

I am very excited about our fantastic ENAS Officer, she is already driving an ambitious work programme and is keeping me on my toes! I look forward to leading the brilliant EC team, some in new roles and a special welcome to Bruno Almeida (Porto University), who was co-opted.

I am here to serve you and will take your guidance at every opportunity, so please do get in touch if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments. This is your network! There is always room for improvement and new developments.

Email me at

The team are always available to you;

Click here for contact details of your EC.

Your President,

Michelle Tanner

ENAS Award 2013

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The following projects were nominated for the 2013 ENAS Award:

  • University of Konstanz – project name: “Eurokonstantie”
  • University of Leeds – project name: “Lifestyle and Wellbeing Program”
  • Radboud University Nijmegen – project name: “Exercise as Medicine” (Taking up Sports)

After careful deliberation the ENAS Award committee selected the project “Exercise as Medicine”, an initiative from 2011 that is still ongoing with a programme for “non sports people”. Focusing on an adapted network of health specialists resulting in about 100 participants.

Congratulations to Nijmegen, and well done to the other participants for making it to the short list.  We look forward to next year’s applications, which will be open for submission shortly!

Jörg Förster

ENAS Honorary Member 2013

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As presented at our 2013 Conference, Ms. Pika Radmilovic received the title of Honorary Member.  Most may be aware, but Pika has been involved with ENAS for many years, as a member of the Executive Committee (8 years!) and one of its earliest members, and if was decided that her effort, fun and positive nature were forever recorded in our young Network.
Pika was also the organiser of the Maribor Conference, and made several actions to help ENAS to understand the ECTS programmes, and specifically, its relation to University Sport Services.And was a smart decision because she organized in maribor our annual conference, made several action to help us to understand ECTS programmes and its relation with Sport Services.
It is my pleasure and it is an honour for ENAS to invite PIKA RADMILOVIC to receive formally the honorary status.

Congratulations, Pika!
Duarte Lopes

Message from Pika

Dear ENAS Family, I am really honoured and it means a lot to me that I have received this award. I hope this does not mean that I am old enough to retire but that you will allow me to work some more and help contribute to the development of university sport also from my new position.

A few more words that I would like to share with you:

It has been 10 years since I have first entered this mysterious circle of trust. It was in Groningen, where Gerro made us use bikes to visit his sport centre and we almost blocked all traffic in the city. It was a bit scary and confusing at the beginning – almost no female participants but one tall, strange man looking like a Viking claiming to be a member of a famous Amundsen family. Then there was another big man who claimed to be a Gallic football hero in Ireland and there was a group of smaller, cute but very, very shy men from Portugal who just wanted to have fun. On the other end there were three elegant but more serious men, like three musketeers they worked so well together – Peter, Marco and Joao.

All mentioned and many more members encouraged me continually to help raise the Enas family. It was ten wonderful years with all of you. You have enriched my life and help me grow, so I thank you for that and I hope that we stay in touch for many, many years…

Pika Radmilovič