A Message from the President

Dear Colleague,

I am delighted to welcome you to our web site and to our University Sports Network. I became involved in ENAS some years ago and I have always been inspired by fellow members, their practices, ideas and most importantly their friendships. I encourage you to join our Network and share those experiences with us.

We consider ENAS as an essential resource for those working in the third level sports sector. Our members are based in some of the most innovative and dynamic institutions in Europe, within University Sport Management and/or Services. We are a non-governmental organisation with a focus on “Sport for All” and the development of Sport at University level.

We have a membership of over 100 members, representing more then 20 countries wanting to welcome you and your university to become members.

Our annual conference which takes place in November provides a great introduction to ENAS and an opportunity to meet colleagues and expert speakers who share your passion for student sport, sport facilities management, programmes and health and wellbeing.

We also support numerous events throughout the year promoting communications and exchanges amongst our member Network. We work alongside key partners to provide opportunities for members to share experiences and good practice and assist in their development.

As President I look forward to leading the excellent work of ENAS to inspire members and to improve their sports services and facilities. Together we can make a difference to the lives of students, staff and the communities we serve. We know Sport matters and we want to demonstrate that sport positively impacts on people and the strategic mission of our Universities.

I am excited about our future!

Your President,

Michelle Tanner

Please contact me if you have any comments/suggestions at president@enas-sport.net

As Head of Sport and Recreation in Trinity College Dublin, Michelle Tanner, has responsibility for all sport and recreation matters in College. The role involves managing and developing the extensive sport and recreational facilities and programmes provided by the Department of Sport for students, staff, graduates and the local community in line with the Strategic goals of the Department and the College.

Michelle is a former international Volleyball player with the Irish Senior Women’s Team, and has been involved in the Irish Sports and Leisure Industry since graduating in 1992. She has an MBA in Sports Management from Leicester University and a higher National Diploma in Business Studies Recreation and Leisure from Waterford IT. She has various fitness, sporting and coaching qualifications and professional memberships. She has worked in many Sports facilities In Ireland including DCU, ALSAA and ESB Sports Co. before joining Trinity College Dublin in 1997.