Benchmark returns for ENAS

In the coming weeks, ENAS will be launching its triennial benchmark. We have improved the 2015 survey based on your feedback and will be providing a preview of the questions in PDF so that you have an idea what to expect.

To help members that have participated in 2015, we have included the answers to the questions that have remained the same. You are of course free to modify these responses.

An Executive Summary of the benchmark results will be presented to all ENAS members during the November 2019 conference in Torino. A full (anonymous) report will be distributed to each participating sports service.

The results will give the universities strategic information, that can be used for the daily business of the sports services and in contacts with the university boards.

The 2019 benchmark will be conducted in collaboration with two students from PG SPORT, a postgraduate course focusing on all aspects of sports at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium).

Nathalie Engels has been boxing for five years. She also plays badminton and practices cross fit. She has studied publishing and lay-out.

Jérémie Deroo is an active volleyballer, an amateur cyclist and an all-round sports enthusiast. He has studied communications and European affairs. Before deciding to pursue his passion for sport, he has worked for the Belgian federal government as a project leader for four years.

Let us help each other! We certainly appreciate the time you take to fill out the questionnaire. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Core H&F Newsletter

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With the 2018 Forum in Nijmegen fast approaching, Core H&F would like to share their exciting plans to help you enjoy your time with your ENAS colleagues.

For this year’s forum, Core H&F have created a short survey of six questions to see how they might be able to assist you with your upcoming facility developments in 2019 and beyond. For the chance to win 3 x MYZONE Watches, 3 x MYZONE Belts and a Schwinn/Stairmaster HIIT Education day for your staff, please fill out the survey by following the link on the Evenium app or by speaking with Greg at the forum.

The MYZONE ‘2018 ENAS Forum Challenge’ is now live until the 15th November, when we will announce the person who has earned the most MEP’s since 15th October. Make sure to bring your MYZONE belts with you to the forum to keep score of those MEP’s earned during the workouts with Wayne.

In Nijmegen, HIIT workouts with Wayne will feature even more equipment than last year. Ten pieces of Stairmaster HIIT equipment, combined with accessories such as kettlebells and agility ladders, will help make your workouts even more fun and effective. Class sizes have been limited to 20 participants per session this year, with class booking available on the Evenium app. Be sure to book yourself on to one of the three sessions (Wednesday 14th, 7-8am and Thursday 15th, 7-8am + 4:15-5:15pm) to secure your spot. If for some reason you are unable to attend a booked session, please make sure you remove your booking so that others can take the space. This year, Wayne will also be hosting a HIIT Bike calorie burn challenge during the networking breaks. Come and jump on a bike to see how quickly you can burn 25 calories!

If you have questions on any of the above, please speak to Greg at the forum or contact him on +44 7824858681 or

Looking forward to seeing you all in Nijmegen in a couple of weeks!