Speak at the Forum

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Give your opinion!

Do you want to speak at the ENAS Forum? Apply now!

Application form

Do you or any of your colleagues or students want to speak at the ENAS Forum?

Check out the Theme and subthemes, look at the programme and the different speaker slots available.

Made your choice? Fill out the application form to be a candidate or contact our ENAS Officer at margo@enas-sport.net.

APPLICATION FORMSpeak at the ENAS Conference

Host an ENAS EC meeting

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Meet the ENAS EC and show us your University Sport Services!

Do you want to host an ENAS EC Meeting? Contact us now!

President or  General-Secretary

Guidelines and terms

The ENAS Executive Committee organizes meetings on a regular base to follow up on all ENAS projects. Each ENAS EC meeting would be connected to an ENAS member who is willing to accommodate the ENAS EC and eventually take advantage of a lunch or dinner with representatives of the University.

An ENAS meeting is 2 days and 2 overnights for up to 9 persons. Most of the time, ENAS EC will arrive on Wednesday late afternoon and leave Friday afternoon.  Exact days and dates are to be arranged with the Host.

ENAS will support each Member who is willing to Host an ENAS Meeting with a budget of €1.000 for accommodation, local transport, meeting room & dinner.

The hosting conditions are the following:


If the use of public transport between airport and hotel isn’t convenient, group transportation of EC members is required. It has to be coordinated with all EC members.

Meeting room

A regular meeting room for approx. 12 persons with beamer is the basic setup needed. Ideally Wi-Fi connected. Something to eat and drink in the room during the meeting is required (water, coffee, cookies, fruit – type coffee break). Secretariat support may be necessary (photocopies of documents).


Hotel for EC members attending 2 nights – rooms “singles” with breakfast. Keep it as simple as possible.  In case of EC meeting for a future conference, it should be in the same hotel.


2 dinners (Wednesday and Thursday) and 1 lunch (Thursday) for all EC members should be organised.


Contact directly: president@enas-sport.net or  general-secretary@enas-sport.net